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An app which provide directions using static / realtime feed of buses, bus route and metro line details and provide the eta of buses in realtime.


There already exist many apps which provide directions but they use only static schedules. We on the other hand provide directions not only using static schedule but also realtime bus feed. Our app provide realtime location of buses running of different routes and their eta on bus stops.

Key Features

  • Buy tickets in DTC and DIMTS buses in all routes of Delhi.
  • Track buses in realtime and see their schedules and route informations
  • Get eta of buses in realtime.
  • Get directions from A to B (multi modal - bus and metro)
  • Support for English and Hindi language.

Current Status
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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Refund Policy
Refund Policy
Terms of Service
Terms of Service
Product Services
This E-Ticketing solution can be scan QR codes at bus stops, inside buses and generate tickets for passengers. This is a demo service to be showcased to various public transport agencies. Developer is using his personal payment gateway account for demo purposes.
₹ 5/10/15/20/25/30 per passenger
Any payment deducted will be strictly for demo purposes. Please do not try to make payments from the app. Neither the lab nor the developer will be responsible for it.
App Flow
  • A user scans a QR code in the bus using the Chartr app.
  • The app redirects user to ticket price selection screen.
  • User selects the amount and proceeds to the payment gateway.
  • After approval from payment gateway, user receives its ticket.