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To adopt a policy for open data sharing for Public Transport operations in Tamil Nadu and open MTC & CMRL fleet location data for all vehicles.


Open Data underpins the technology advantages of transport. Open Data is what allows users to understand the transport services better, connect to services and riders, allow for easy payments, monitor transit performance and encourage more multimodal accessibility. Open data will allow the GoTN to leverage an international ecosystem of innovation in transport by leveraging planning and citizen engagement tools and foster a new era of innovation in transport services.

As a first step to establish this open data ecosystem, the Ministry of Transport, Government of Tamil Nadu intends to utilize the OGD portal to provide public access to static and real-time data relating to public transportation that will help (a) improve passenger experience through the development of mobile applications providing real-time ETA for buses, trains and multi-modal journey planning services, (b) inputs from urban and transport planners from analyzing such open data, that can result in more efficient design of services.

For the data to be provided in consistent, reliable, usable and scalable format to successfully meet the need from varied use cases, it is essential to adopt certain standards and processes for creation, maintenance and sharing of the data. In order to achieve the same, the Ministry of Transport wishes to engage a consulting firm to recommend policy actions and steps to share public transport data on the OGD platform. This engagement will be supported by the World Bank as part of the proposed Chennai City Partnership.

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