Fight against Coronavirus New

Dr. Pravesh Biyani is part of Technology Innovation Group for fight against COVID-19 by Delhi Government.

Chartr Android App

An app which provide directions using static / realtime feed of buses, bus route and metro line details and provide the eta of buses in realtime.

Data Trust

To create a platform with mobility data from various transport providers.

Direction Algorithm


Imprint Moving Air Quality

Can we produce a dense air quality map using a few moving sensors?

Last Mile Connectivity

Collecting information about Last Mile Connectivity option available in Delhi.

Open Data policy for transport in Tamil Nadu

To adopt a policy for open data sharing for Public Transport operations in Tamil Nadu and open MTC & CMRL fleet location data for all vehicles.


Bangalore Congestion


DIMTS Analysis Tool


DST Air Quality Monitoring

To create a system of vehicle-mounted sensors that performs accurate air quality sensing.


A web application displaying the real-time location of buses in Delhi with filters based on routes and registration numbers.

Odd Even Analysis

The study presents a quantitative analysis of the odd-even road rationing policy on traffic congestion in Delhi.

Open Data

To create an open transit data platform for Delhi which provide transit data to various transit app providers, researchers and common man.

PCRA breakdown

Impact Of Breakdown of Public Transport Buses On Traffic And Wastage Of Fuel Due To Congestion.


A system which provide eta of DIMTS buses on bus stops in realtime.